If women are fixated with breast augmentation, then men are with their penis. And this explains why penis enlargement and aphrodisiacs are such big businesses. You can go to the so-called therapists, buy an enlargement device, take some pills, do exercises that are claimed to increase the blood flow in the penis, and even get it injected with botox, but in reality, getting a real result will be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. In fact, if you’re not careful, you can bring harm to yourself with a permanent consequence!

On this occasion, we’ll discuss only things that work!

Use a Penis Pump

a penis pumpPenis pumps, which are also called as stretchers, work like weight exercise. They cause small tearings on the penis’s tissues so that they can regenerate later and make the penis bigger. Even though there have not been any scientific studies supporting this claim, at least the mechanism makes sense enough. And from the medical perspective, penis pumps are used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. If this device doesn’t help yours to be bigger, at least it can be stronger. 


Improve the Nutrients in Your Diet

healthy veggiesYou can’t expect to have your penis grow 3 times larger than its normal size. That kind of goal is unrealistic and can lead you to take dangerous actions for yourself. Erection relies on blood flow. And one effective way to improve that is by feeding your body with nutritious foods. 

You need to eat more foods that contain Vitamin E, B, and iron. They are the vital components for your body to maintain healthy blood and blood vessels. And you must curb your carb intake and replace it with protein. Your body needs protein to regenerate damaged cells. 

Lose Some Weight

running on a treadmillMost of the time, the penis looks small not because of its natural size, but because the person is overweight. Calculate your Body Mass Index, and see if it is at 24. 29 BMI means that you are overweight, and beyond that number is obese. 

Sign yourself up for a weight loss program. Not only will losing weight make your penis looks much bigger, but it will definitely improve your sexual performance. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

This advice may seem cliche, but it really works. First, improve your diet. Second, be more physically active. Third, get enough rest. You should avoid looking for a shortcut because that mindset is most likely to make you waste your money on harmful products or services. Being physically healthy will also improve your mental state, which is essential in building your confidence in the sheets. 

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